Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cowboys & Zelda Part 2

   So I covered "Cowboys" in Part 1 ~ now it's time for Zelda! I am a HUGE, I mean HUMONGOUS, seriously over the top Zelda Fan!!! There aren't enough exclamation points to emphasize how much I adore Zelda.
  It started way back in the 80's with the first Gold Cartridge and I was hooked! I beat the first game and found there was a code to get a whole new world to beat! Sheer Joy! Anyway fast forward to the present and many, many Zelda games since then--- I do have to mention last year on my 49th Birthday my boys got me the newest Zelda game complete with a gold Wii controller!! 

  So racking my brain a couple of weeks ago trying to think of a DIY gift for a dear friends' hubby who is not only male but 30ish which equates to the most difficult people to make something for. But then I remembered, inset light bulb over my head, that he was a Zelda Lover too! Instant happiness and brain storming. 
  Since he is wonderfully quirky, which runs in my family as well, (and is a superb quality to have) I decided a Link style hat would be ideal. I could just picture him wearing it while playing any number of games. I began to search the internet for patterns and pictures. I was surprised by the limited amount of patterns available. The few I did find were all lacking in one way or another so I decided to create my own pattern. I was pretty pleased with the hat but it needed something more...Elf ears! 
  It ended up being just AWESOME! If I do say so myself :) The gift was a hit and now is available to purchase on my Etsy shop. You can buy the hat already made in any size or color combination OR if you are so inclined, you can purchase the PDF Pattern and create your own. The pattern is only available in adult size at this time since I was in a such a hurry to post it but I will gladly offer advice on how to make it smaller. Here;s the big reveal ;)

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  1. Seriously, this hat is a winner. Love love love it!