Thursday, August 30, 2012

Real Deal

   When I make items I often have to take the best photos I can (or if I am lucky my friend Christina takes them) and make them look as cute as they are WITHOUT them actually being on a real person or baby. It is not the easiest thing to accomplish. Occasionally I have worked with photographers who will take some great pictures of my photography props but it still leaves a substantial amount of my offerings without a real body attached.
   Recently I was blessed with some photos that combine an adorable little person with something I have made which = BLISS! Especially when they fit perfectly! So a few pictures to share...
                                                         Most Beautiful feet EVER!
                                          New Grand-daughter all ready for the runway
                                               Being gorgeous makes you tired :)
                               Can only take credit for the shoes but it's a sweet little dress too
              My son's long time friends' daughter-geez I remember when he was only 13
                                                             She's a doll isn't she?!?

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