Monday, May 23, 2011

Sneak Peek

  So I have finished the Christening Set for the newest grandchild, Elijah, but until I show the proud parents I will have to wait to share the pics online. I do, however, have some pictures of a few of my newest designs that I am eager to share. I am very happy with the results so far and soooo eager to work on the rest of the ideas in my head. 
  I am making some changes in the focus of my handmade items. I have been a long time lover of Antique patterns and the idea of Heirloom items worthy of being saved and passed down thru the generations. With that in mind, the majority of my new items will be for Special Occasions-- i.e Weddings,Brides, Proms, Baptisms, Christenings etc. 
  I have a million ideas in my head which, of course, come faster than my hands can crochet them. The first few items are for the Bride- both the traditional and those who follow their unique ideas. They were inspired by Vintage patterns. My desire is to create unique one of a kind pieces with the exception of Custom orders for Bridal Parties (of which I am always open and willing to customize to any ideas).

   The first Headpiece was crocheted out of a baby fine yarn with a hint of a sheen to it. It is called a Flower Bandeau Hat. It has white roses on each end with tiny beads handsewn into the center of each bud. Rayon thread leaves were crocheted and handsewn onto both sides with the edges hanging free for a special look. I hand sewed seed beads to both edges of the hat and threaded a thin wire through the edges to give it a bit of shape that can be fitted to the individual head.

      This next design is a Juliet Style Lace Hat with dangling beads hand sewn to each point around the edge of the Cap. It is a champagne colored mohair yarn which gives it a bit of a halo effect when crocheted. I added hand sewn champagne colored beads to each picot stitch all over the cap. The overall effect is quite beautiful.

This last one is still a work in progress.. it was crochet in a white rayon thread in a Vintage Headband/Hat style and then I hand sewed a fine mesh gathered Tulle across the front. It will have tiny rhinestones added to the short veil and two Vintage rhinestone adorned hat pins to hold it in place. It has a bit of a mod feel with the short veil. 

As usual my pictures aren't the greatest but hope to remedy that soon :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Fun Stuff

   Sooo I am finally finished with the orders that all came in at once and am back to working on the Christening Outfit for the newest Holland :) Thought I would share some photos of what has been occupying my free time (is there really such a thing??)
Custom Orders for a newborn photo shoot :
Newsboy Style Cap and Fun Elf Hat

Chihuahua Coats:

Having a great time but seriously dying to start on my newest brainstorms!