Monday, June 13, 2011

Christening Outfit

    Well Elijah has officially been baptized and so now I am willing to share some pictures of the outfit. I was very happy with how it came out and plan on offering some similar sets on my Etsy shop (can't be identical cause his is special). 
   Making things like this, knowing they are for very meaningful moments in our lives, brings me such joy. I want it to be perfect and unique and look amazing! As I was crocheting it I also was filled with thoughts and prayers for both Elijah and his wonderful parents!
  My hope is that if I am blessed to be able to make more items in this genre I would be able to pour out heartfelt prayers as I work, whether it be for a family member or a stranger. Something similar to the old time "Prayer Shawls" which I humbly admit I used to think meant a shawl you wore when you prayed. I discovered that it was actually a shawl (or any item) that the entire time you were making it you prayed for the person that it was for! What an amazing thing to do! Looking forward to more opportunities like this one.