Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Favs Part 2

  So in between being super busy working on some awesome orders I wanted to share the second part of my "New Favs" The first post showed the most amazing slippers ever! Click here if you missed it. Now I want to show off two more items I adore
   I fell in love with this design and I knew just who I was going to make it for! It is a wonderful combination of cowl and hat. The added ears just make it a "have to have" and elicits the "isn't that the cutest thing ever!" response where-ever you go. I made the first in an adult size for one of my favorite people and the second to fit a 5 year old (my niece). The design is equally suited for any age and can even have the ears omitted for a more conservative/ classic look. Both warm and perfect fashion accessory, it can be customized to suit any wardrobe!

These two look a tad off because they are pictures of the smaller size Hat on an adult size mannequin head. The hats actually fit a small child as shown in the first two pictures (more loose and floppy).

 These sweeties are simply too cute for words! My niece (an older one) asked if I could make her a seal and showed me a picture of the most adorable little one. In my quest to make it for her I discovered that there was a little treasure trove of creatures you could create! My son just had to have the set and then I made a set for my nephews and I would love to make a set for you! Each set includes a Seal, Blue Whale, Orca Whale and a Shark. They are very small- about 4 inches each and simply to die for! 

I have a few more items I am hoping to share very soon. You can find these on my Etsy shop available for purchase and as always fully customizable in any color(s) and sizes you desire.*
*Please note: I have a large number of orders at this time so my current turn around is 3-4 weeks. If you need something by a certain date be sure to contact me ahead of time to check if I can accommodate your needs. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Favs Part 1

  This Christmas I had such big plans for my family and friends. Unfortunately I felt like the proverbial kid whose "eyes are too big for their stomach" and many items did not get made. Add to that a few that did get made that would definitely qualify for more Pintrosity posts :/
 The good, no make that great news, is that I found a few amazing new items I am adding to my Etsy shop. Today I am sharing my absolute, hands down, phenomenally cute new item! I made them for my grandson (planned to make them for all my nephews, my son and my other grandson but only one pair made it into being) and he loved them as much as me..... drum roll please...

 Aren't they awesome! When I saw the pattern I knew I had to have it! What I didn't factor in was that the pattern is written for adult Men so I had to play around with Yarn weights and Hook size to come up with a Child's size 12-2 (approx) Add to that all the pieces and assembly and that helps explain why I only got one pair made in time. 
The color options and size choices are endless and of course they could be made "girly"--actually I have some pink camouflage yarn that would be so cute. The slippers are for sale now in my Etsy shop or if you would rather make them yourself the pattern is sold here