Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Favs Part 2

  So in between being super busy working on some awesome orders I wanted to share the second part of my "New Favs" The first post showed the most amazing slippers ever! Click here if you missed it. Now I want to show off two more items I adore
   I fell in love with this design and I knew just who I was going to make it for! It is a wonderful combination of cowl and hat. The added ears just make it a "have to have" and elicits the "isn't that the cutest thing ever!" response where-ever you go. I made the first in an adult size for one of my favorite people and the second to fit a 5 year old (my niece). The design is equally suited for any age and can even have the ears omitted for a more conservative/ classic look. Both warm and perfect fashion accessory, it can be customized to suit any wardrobe!

These two look a tad off because they are pictures of the smaller size Hat on an adult size mannequin head. The hats actually fit a small child as shown in the first two pictures (more loose and floppy).

 These sweeties are simply too cute for words! My niece (an older one) asked if I could make her a seal and showed me a picture of the most adorable little one. In my quest to make it for her I discovered that there was a little treasure trove of creatures you could create! My son just had to have the set and then I made a set for my nephews and I would love to make a set for you! Each set includes a Seal, Blue Whale, Orca Whale and a Shark. They are very small- about 4 inches each and simply to die for! 

I have a few more items I am hoping to share very soon. You can find these on my Etsy shop available for purchase and as always fully customizable in any color(s) and sizes you desire.*
*Please note: I have a large number of orders at this time so my current turn around is 3-4 weeks. If you need something by a certain date be sure to contact me ahead of time to check if I can accommodate your needs. 

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