Friday, September 16, 2011

Time Is Flying By!!!!

   Just realized how long since I posted anything-- with Summer ending so quickly and all the back to school preparations and the regular day to day chaos that makes up our lives I simply lost track of the time. 
   I have been spending my time "crochet" time on a few different Etsy orders and a Birthday gift for a dear friend. I just love making things and if I could do it full time boy would that be awesome! Alas that is not to be (for now) ;)
   The other day I realized that with the school year back in session the Holidays are upon us! Stores are already full of Halloween Costumes with Thanksgiving and Christmas right behind. Truly this is my favorite time of the year! Making lists and deciding on the perfect gifts for the people I love brings me much joy. So I grabbed a pencil and my box of patterns and had the best hour and half looking thru and deciding on some things I am planning to make. I also went thru a few online places I had bookmarked because they had some awesomely cute things to make as gifts. My only hope now is I will not run out of time before I am finished especially since I have found that time really seem to be flying by faster than I can keep up!
The internet is a treasure trove of gift ideas for Do-it-your-selfers like me! No matter your gift you can find a multitude of both free ideas and those for sale.  I wanted to share a couple of links I found with some really neat gift ideas:
Would love to look at any other places for inspiration so if you have some please post away!