Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cowboys and Zelda!! Part 1

  I am super excited to share my recent experience with two hats! They were such fun and I am so happy with the results I just need to share. Today's post is longer than I figured so the "Zelda" will be shared in Part 2
  The first hat came into existence from a Custom Request--LOVE IT-- by a lady who had purchased quite a few items from my shop. One of the items was a pair of cowboy booties and she asked if I could make a Cowboy hat to match. 
  Well I had been contemplating adding a cowboy hat to my listings so it just made it a must do. I looked around quite a bit for a Cowboy hat pattern. ( I learned from my years teaching never to waste time re-inventing the wheel i.e. if someone else has done it already get it from them) But I was quite disappointed with the offerings. I tried one free pattern and was very unhappy with the hat so I unraveled the whole thing. Then I did some searching for patterns you have to buy and was quite shocked at some of the prices.
  Just when I was about to give up I FOUND IT!! And the pattern was not only very inexpensive but it was super cute and included a vest and chaps pattern as well. For those of you who would love a pattern of your own click here.
  The hat came out soo cute and my buyer was soo happy with it! What more can you ask! I am chomping at the bit to make a girly version--can't you see it in Pink and Brown or Lavender and White!

One extra pic of a recent Cowboy boot Order that I just have to share- the color combination is soo adorable!
Happy Weekend! 

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