Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lost Art(s)

    In our Thrift Shop I have an area in a display case where I sell some of my baby items. Yesterday someone was looking at them and said " Oh did someone's grandmother make these?" I get this comment all the time :( and I find it so sad. Not so much because I make the items but because most people think no one makes these types of handmade items anymore. It is considered an archaic art. Actually that is usually the second comment.."No one does this anymore" Sadly they are right -kind of.
  Kind of because I DO make them and so do more "younger" folks than most people realize. I believe hand made items are making a comeback, at least in some circles. I find it so sad that the legacy of passing down handmade items thru the generations has been lost for the majority of us. Even sadder is that when something is made and given it isn't valued as in days past. 
  However, I do notice that, more and more, this is changing. A greater desire for hand crafted items of any type are becoming coveted again. The huge success of Etsy is a testament to this. If you haven't ever had a chance to browse around the site YOU REALLY MUST! Never I have I found such an amazing compilation of the most creatively beautiful handmade gifts. Every media you can think of and such wonderful things I would never think of but absolutely adore (and wish I had)
  Look around and see what you are missing. See things you will never find in a department store! Who knows, it may spark your own creative juices?! Some legacies are worth holding onto!

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