Friday, March 25, 2011

On the Lighter Side

   So a dear friend (Christina Main of sweet lavender bake shoppe) introduced me to a newer site called Pinterest. It is the most fun site!! It is a social network with a twist. Each member has their own page like Facebook et al but everyone "pins" pictures of things they love.
    You create your own "boards" where you pin your pictures. You can use the default topics like..My Style, For the Home and Products I Love or you can make up your own topics. You get a Pin It icon to post to your tool bar and when you are surfing the internet and find a picture you love you click the Pin It and choose where it goes.
  You can Follow anyone's Pinterest that calls your name just as you would a blog. You can repin other folks pictures that you like too. It is so much fun and the things people post are amazing! As they say "A picture speaks a thousand words"
  You can view mine here -mind you, it's a work in progress. Look around and see all the other peoples Pins and if the site appeals to you too then become a member. If you do join please post your Pinterest link here so I can see your choices. Can't wait to see what gets pinned next!!