Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Life is so Precious!

   My husband and I have had a very rough few years. It is amazing how all priorities change when you are in "survival mode" Things that used to be important take not only a back seat but sometimes don't get a seat at all anymore. Doing fun things becomes irrelevant and sometimes impossible. Decision making is vital.
  I remember when I was in College taking classes to become a Teacher. One class taught about the "heirarchy of needs" which states that until you have your basic needs met nothing else matters. It was very interesting to see it play out in my own life.
  This being said it amazes how even basic needs stop mattering when someone you love has health issues. For example, when my Grandma was dying and under Hospice care it never occurred to us how we were going to get me there 3+ days a week to help her. The gas money was irrelevant. The time away didn't matter. So many things just didn't matter. All that mattered was her.
  When the Earthquake and Tsunami hit Japan our life seemed good comparatively. Our meager resources seemed to multiple enough to allow us to reach out even in just tiny ways. Did you see it play out all across our country? In some of the toughest economic times since "The Great Depression" we still managed to pull together and send amazing amounts of money and help! Did it happen in your life too?
  The last few days have been especially tough. Yet again, this morning a call telling us about the precarious situation that one of our beloved family members was in changed it all. Their health and well being was all that mattered! Nothing else, LITERALLY NOTHING ELSE mattered! All we cared about was that they would be ok. Thank the Lord there is a good chance with the right medication and time they will be! But isn't it amazing what it really is all about? What really is important?
  All that really counts is life. Those people in Japan (as well as other devastated areas) aren't focused on all they have lost. I am sure is it horrible and scary and sad etc etc to lose all BUT all that really matters is did they lose someone they love? All that matters is that they are together with those they have left!
  While I do not want to downplay how difficult life can be, and how scary and unpredictable the future is at times, as long as I know those I love are well everything else pales. How to pay the bills, buy the food, get the needs and on and on and on?? For today it just doesn't matter. Today I truly have all that really counts. Would to God that I can remember that more often.

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