Friday, March 18, 2011

Favorite Things

    As with all who make things there are some that just don't work out. They fail on some level or another and have to be discarded (or in the case of crochet-unraveled) On a side note, unraveling makes my husband come unglued. Guess it brings up memories of his mom who, being an avid crocheter also, would not tolerate errors and would pull out rows and rows of work. Something about this is so upsetting to his senses though I have yet to pinpoint exactly what aspect of it gets him. Well that's a whole other blog ;)
  On the flip side there are those items that so far exceed our expectations that they quickly become our favorites. It may be the overall look, the textures, colors, shape...or maybe all these things combined? What ever is it we end up in LOVE. I am no exception and wanted to share a few of mine. (Maybe when I am really brave I will share some of my failures as well.) I definitely have a few that fall into this category and occasionally the list grows when some unexpected new item I make becomes a part of it.
   These bibs were probably my first truly favorite item. They are made from a Vintage pattern. Though I am not sure exactly which era the pattern is from I do know it is old. 
   The design is so sweet and the nature of it allows it to be made for a boy, girl or gender neutral. It can be dressed up with appliques and fancy buttons and left unadorned.
  I have even altered the pattern to make it doll sized for a custom order I received. There may be nothing super special about this bib to anyone else but that's often the case with things we love. I think above all it reminds of a time when handmade items were cherished and treasured, saved and passed down. 
  Two other pictures of items that are also on my favorite list:

Do you have favorites? Things you adore for any reason? It doesn't have to be something you have made, it could be anything. If you would like to share them here I would love to see them

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