Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Blog and New at Blogging

   This blog is so I can have a place to share the good, bad (hopefully not much of this) and beautiful  world of my crochet life.  I guess, as all good blogs do, I should start by telling you who I am.
    My husband and I run two businesses (an Ebay Store & Thrift Shop) and Crocheted in Love makes up the third though this one is solely mine. Three businesses equals a very busy and hectic schedule. Add to that 3 kids (20, 18 and 7) still at home... well you get the idea ;)
    I do love our Thrift shop and Ebay is a necessary evil but my real love is crocheting. I crochet whenever and where ever I can, mostly during any car ride and evenings after the day is done. 
  I will and can crochet just about anything but my favorite is anything baby or infant related. I adore using thread to crochet and booties are my specialty. A lot of folks don't like to work with the small hooks and thin cotton but I do! I think the results are wonderful. Thread booties have a detail that is hard to achieve with regular yarn. Don't get me wrong though, I have and do offer yarn booties as well, as they can be darling but thread just has a unique quality.
   I also started making photography props-mostly infant ones- but also have made them for older children and adults. I have designed a few original cocoons, hammock style slings as well as a couple of pods and pads. I have more ideas but finding time to design is harder than finding time to make a ready made pattern so I fluctuate.
  Custom orders are my preference. I think there's nothing sweeter than asking for the color, size and style you want and then actually getting it! I think giving a gift that isn't found on any store shelf has it's advantages and generally those are the items which are saved and passed down through generations.
 So that's probably enough for now :) Please view some of my things using my Etsy link. Hope you like them

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