Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Soo Busy.......

  .... which is probably the slogan of 90% of everyone I know but so applicable it simply must be said! I have had a brainstorm of ideas and a new direction I want to go with my crocheting and am SOO EXCITED! I have been collecting patterns and embellishments, researching and planning. Problem is I am too busy to get started on it :)
   Now mind you this is not all a "bad" kind of busy. Actually on the crochet front NONE of the busy is bad. I have two orders for gloves- one of them is the new Victorian Punk Rock Style Gloves with 18 buttons which are amazingly cute! And the other is for a child size pair of fingerless gloves. I am also working on a custom order for 6 doggy sweaters for a lady who fosters Chihuahuas. My first animal order I must add :)
  The BEST thing I am working on right now is a Christening Outfit for my Step-daughter's "due any second-literally" first child. His name is Elijah and the anticipation of his birth is thrilling for the entire family. I was blessed to be given the opportunity to create a special outfit for his big day! I have the booties and cap 99% completed. I started on the main outfit and have the legs and part of the body complete. It is soo sweet so far. I had an idea for the buttons and found some on Ebay I think will work and am anxiously awaiting their arrival! I can't wait to finish it! I am hoping it exceeds my expectations and hopefully, Elijah's parents expectations too! Pics will be coming soon
    So until I finish all the above.. my newest, can't wait to try ideas will just have to be on hold. That's the biggest downside to crochet- there is NEVER enough time to get it all made! In any event look forward to some big changes to my current offerings. Hope you will love them too!



  1. Those gloves are so CUTE!!! Love them!

  2. Thanks- I love them too. I made them in Black with silver buttons but the pics aren't very good on those :)