Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kitty Cat Purse

  A while back I had run across the most adorable Kitty Cat Coin Purse on Pinterest. I immediately pinned it under inspiration because it was too cute not to :) Later when I had a chance I clicked on the actual picture to see where it had originated from and to see if the pattern was available for it.
  Unfortunately the picture went to a very strange website that had a lot of pictures that were not linked to anywhere and had no information about them. To add to it, it had a disclaimer on the side panel saying it could take up to 3 hours or more for the page to fully load???? Insert eyes rolling around and around and finger strumming my lips. 

  Sooo as I find myself doing more and more I figured I would try to make my own version of a Kitty Cat Purse. It actually came out better than I had hoped and what's awesome is, given the style of the little purse, you can alter the colors and buttons/ eyes, whiskers and ear placement to create endless variations. You can also use it as a coin purse or clutch or add a a strap and use it as a shoulder bag. 

  Depending on the colors and style you use to create it, it would be equally appropriate for any age female :)
 The Pattern is available in my Etsy Shop or on Craftsy as some people prefer one to the other. Hope you enjoy making it as much as I did <3

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