Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Big Hit!

    I recently made a pair of Boot Cuffs for a friends birthday. She adores them and pins them a lot on her Pinterest pages. As I had hoped, she really loved them. This style fits at the top of the calf sticking out the top of the boots.
    I created the pattern myself loosely based on some photos I had seen but I added a Picot pattern to create a bit of pop to them especially since they are a very small accessory (though they make a HUGE impact) so I thought I would type up the pattern and offer it for sale on my Etsy. I decided to offer it pretty cheap as a pattern and actually pretty cheap as ready made Cuffs
   Well, my oh my, are they a BIG HIT!! I mean I know they are quite the rage but I didn't anticipate the demand.
  So if you are a crocheter I encourage you to make a few.. for yourself, as gifts, stocking stuffers etc. You can make them in any color and in any size yarn. Perfect for those hard to buy for Teens and Tweens as well! How much better can it get? They are tons of patterns out there besides mine so you aren't limited to one style either.
  If you can't crochet I would be honored to make some for you, or a friend or loved one etc. I have priced mine pretty reasonably since I have seen them average $30-$40 a pair (insert HUGE GULP)
I have to add though that this month has been so busy for me that my usual week turn around is up to 3 weeks from ordering to shipping so you may have to be a bit patient. Hopefully I can get that time frame shortened up soon :)

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