Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Loving Every Minute

 There are times when I love Crocheting even more than I normally do. It fluctuates based on what I am making and who it is for. I have noticed that gift items and Custom Orders increase my pleasure dramatically. Though I enjoy making items to add to my shop something changes when I know it is already spoken for.
  The last couple of months I have been in Crochet Heaven. A significant number of custom orders and a gorgeous dress are the cause. The dress was a gift for our soon to arrive grand-daughter and it took over 2 months to make. I loved it. 
  It started when I saw the pattern on Crochet Garden's Ad on the Crochet Pattern Directory Page. It was just beautiful and I knew I had to make it. The recipient was easy- Baby Emma due in August. So I begged  asked my Step-daughter if she would like it. She graciously said yes and I was on my way.
  I decided to go all out since I knew it would be quite an undertaking so instead of the regular Cotton Thread I would normally use I splurged on Bamboo Thread. Seriously the difference is amazing. The feel is super soft and the drape is just lovely. My only complaint is that the white isn't super white- almost has an off white look to it. I am attributing this to the nature of the material.
  Of course any well dressed girl must have the proper shoes for her outfit and so I needed something a bit more special to wear with this dress. I am an avid lover of Irish Crochet and so the idea to add an Irish Crocheted Rose to the top of Mary Jane style booties seemed perfect.
  I am very happy with the end result. As most creators, there are things I would change or do differently next time but overall I couldn't be more pleased. Most importantly Stephanie loved it.


  1. I'm just in love with this dress.

  2. Do you have this dress pattern for sale. This white dress for your granddaughter is beautiful. I really would love to make it. My email is

  3. Unfortunately I cannot take credit for the dress. I bought the pattern here
    They have the most amazing dress patterns! I did alter the hemline of the one I made though.
    Oh and right now all their patterns are on sale