Sunday, July 1, 2012

Custom Orders and New Listing

   So the move feel thru -insert crying face here- and the reality that it takes just as much time to 'move back into' your original home as it would have to move to the new one sets in. We are probably 80 percent unpacked and continue to unpack every day. 
   In between boxes and cleaning I have had the joy of working on some neat projects... three pairs of custom ordered booties, a sweet pair of little girl booties newly listed for sale and a gorgeous dress/ gown that I have been working on for a couple of months for our soon to arrive Grand-daughter Emma. 
   Summer days are just perfect right now so we are off to the coast to check out the newly opened Crafted for a much needed break. If you live close by come check it out too. Hope your day is awesome

Custom Order and New Listing  


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  1. Patty, I am IN LOVE with those green and pink booties!!!!!!!!!! Great work, as always.