Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thank Heaven.....

for little girls :) In our family it is singular-that is "girl" since in the last 25 years my sister and I managed to have 7 boys before my sister finally had a girl. Needless to say with 4 older cousins and 3 older brothers she has everyone wrapped around her little finger. She is definitely a handful- so independent and hard headed yet super sweet and loving. Despite all these boys she is SUPER feminine and at the ripe age of 4 she already adores new dresses, shoes, hats, headbands etc.
Willow has provided us with a perfect excuse reason to buy and /or make girly things :) So for her recent Birthday I made her a little dress and matching headband. It has a crocheted bodice with a cotton skirt in a delicate purple floral print on an ivory background. I added a crocheted flower to the dress and a similar one on the headband. She was kind enough to pose for some pictures ham good-natured child that she is ;)


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